Living With Leprosy

The Living Death

Though leprosy has been affecting children, women and men since Biblical times, millions of people around the world still do not understand its complexities. For remote regions of developing countries, historical beliefs cause people to fear leprosy as a curse from the gods.
The fear and hatred for people affected by leprosy forces these individuals into a state called the “living death”. They are not treated like contributing members of their communities. They must fight for their place among the living.

With determination and courage, people with leprosy are reclaiming their dignity and replacing fear with hope.


Their stories…

Murugan’s Story:

Murugan stood beside a thick branch on the outskirts of his village, a rope held loosely in his gnarled, misshapen hands. Tears blurred his vision. The noose was placed around his neck.

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Indrakhala’s Story:

Indrakhala, like any of us, longs for happiness. She longs for freedom from the grip of leprosy that enslaves her. She longs for a family who would once again accept her. She longs for love.

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Kamla’s Story:

Kamla has done nothing wrong. She is a hard-working wife and mother. But since she contracted leprosy, her friends and family can’t see past her disease.

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Shefali’s Story:

“My husband was furious. He forced me to move into a separate room with my children. For days on end he refused to give me any food. No one in my village would speak to me.”

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