About The Leprosy Mission Ireland

Transformation happens when systems and traditions that deny members of the community the right to food, healthcare and education are addressed with honesty. There is a desperate need for the justice of transformational development. This is not an easy task. Communities struggling in extreme poverty have no voice and few champions who will speak for them.

The Leprosy Mission Ireland is intent on developing relationships with a focus on building long-term solutions to overcome the barriers. Our prayer is to see the joy and the hope of the people we walk alongside.

Our Projects:

Plan for a Van:

One van, 1500 lives: We’re crowdfunding 1 year’s funding for a Mobile Health Van for Bihar state, India, to transform 1500 lives affected by Leprosy and Elephantiasis.

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Our Petition:

Add your voice: We urgently need to change the global approach to leprosy to ensure that people affected by leprosy receive the recognition and care they need.

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R2Stop Research:

Research to end Leprosy: A major new global scientific research initiative to hasten the eradication of leprosy and a range of other Neglected Tropical Diseases.

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Good for the Sole:

Saving Soles: Leprosy makes each step a dangerous move. Without proper care, a person with leprosy can become disabled or even lose their mobility completely.

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Mission Statement

Partnering, in the Name of Christ, with individuals and communities affected by leprosy and other similar conditions; to share resources and expertise; to uphold human dignity and to empower them to provide for their physical, mental, social, economic and spiritual needs.


A world where people affected by leprosy and other similar conditions are empowered to overcome the bondage and humiliation of being condemned to poverty, isolation and marginalisation.


Our work

Our work, focused on international development with a specific expertise in communities affected by leprosy, is defined by one word: sustainability.

To develop sustainable solutions we partner with the community and its leaders, the local and national governments, non-profit organizations, our own national government and the men and women who pray for and fund our work. We are a team, a great team, that is working towards two goals:

  • That leprosy would be completely eliminated. We do this through early detection, treatment and the development of an effective vaccine.
  • Communities would be transformed from extreme poverty to sustainability.