Plan for a Van:

One van, 1500 lives: We’re crowdfunding 1 year’s funding for a Mobile Health Van for Bihar state, India, to transform 1500 lives affected by Leprosy and Elephantiasis.

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Our Petition:

Add your voice: We urgently need to change the global approach to leprosy to ensure that people affected by leprosy receive the recognition and care they need.

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R2Stop Research:

Research to end Leprosy: A major new global scientific research initiative to hasten the eradication of leprosy and a range of other Neglected Tropical Diseases.

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Good for the Sole:

Saving Soles: Leprosy makes each step a dangerous move. Without proper care, a person with leprosy can become disabled or even lose their mobility completely.

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The Problem: Fear

Even today, it is extremely difficult to establish the prevalence of leprosy. We know that if we visit remote villages we will find new patients. We will identify small children, young mothers and strong young men who already have patches of numb skin on their face, their arms, their legs. At first the person affected ignores it. The numbness is strange, but doesn’t affect their work.

But slowly their fingers begin to curl inward. Their feet numb to injury. They begin to notice that old cuts, burns and sores do not heal, but fester without any pain at all. And the inability to heal contributes to the degradation of the body that forces the patient to hide. The heartbreaking truth is that if they had sought treatment when they first noticed the numb patches, they could have been completely cured without any side effects.

Even though the young man or woman may suspect leprosy, they avoid seeking medical help as long as possible. When they do seek help, they try as hard as possible to do it in secret. If their diagnosis leaks out into the community, they fear they hatred of their friends and neighbours. They fear the stigma that robs them of a place of dignity within the community.


We continue to work hard to help families and communities understand that there is nothing to fear in leprosy.

We live by mantra: Leprosy can be cured.

The Cure and Treatments
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