Kamla’s Story

Kamla has done nothing wrong.

She is a hard working wife and mother. But since she contracted leprosy, her friends and family can’t see past her disease.

Kamla knew something was wrong. Scraping together the necessary cash, she sought treatment from a local doctor. But the treatment he offered did nothing. Her personal journey and battle with leprosy is a moving and heartbreaking testimony to the immense stigma perpetuated by myths and misunderstanding.

“Everyone says I’m a curse and that I should hurry up and die. They say I am evil and that I bring bad luck to my village because of my disease. Even my son and two daughters spit at me and throw food to me. No one will go near me, not even to give me water when I’m sick.”
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Indrakhala’s Story:

Indrakhala, like any of us, longs for happiness. It would be so simple. She longs for freedom from the grip of leprosy that enslaves her. She longs for a family who would once again accept her. She simply longs for love.

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Akatot’s Story:

Her feet grew numb and sores festered on her soles. She was forced to crawl on her hands and knees. Akatot was a constant reminder of the threat of leprosy. Her family was terrified that they would be affected and they asked her to leave.

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Shefali’s Story:

“My struggle was far from over. My husband was furious. He forced me to move into a separate room with my children. For days on end he refused to give me any food. No one in my village would speak to me. But I stayed.”

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Photo of Kamla: Peter Caton
Story from "Where Hope and Dignity Meet", Page 38
Taj Mahal: Gerard McGovern at flickr.com [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons