Murugan’s Story

Murugan stood beside a thick branch on the outskirts of his village, a rope held loosely in his gnarled, misshapen hands. Tears blurred his vision. The noose was placed around his neck. He had chosen this place, planned this act – but his leprosy-infected fingers fumbled, refusing to tie the knot. It was a cruel irony.

Yet God had a different plan. When Murugan arrived at the Mission hospital he had little will to live. But the medical team told him they could do a surgery that would give him back the use of his hands. He shook his head. Surely that would cost much more than he had to give. They assured him all of his care was provided for by a compassionate fund.The surgery restored Murugan’s hands.

Today, Murugan has built up a fantastic ceramics business with the help of a small business loan from the Leprosy Mission. He has so much work, he employs five people. His business is the largest in his small village. And, more importantly, his family, who had thrown him out when they found out he had leprosy, has welcomed him back.

Murugan is a testimony to the miracle of grace and forgiveness. His life is transformed. Along the journey, he discovered why the kind and compassionate people at the Mission cared for him. He watched as they served the poorest people in India. Instinctively he knew their love came from a higher source than their own. Today, he tells his transformation story through the ceramic nativity sets he designed, honouring the birth of Jesus who, filled with compassion, continues to reach out to people affected by leprosy through the work of The Leprosy Mission.

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Photo of Murugan: Bryan O'Brien, The Irish Times
Story from "Where Hope and Dignity Meet", Page 12
Taj Mahal: Gerard McGovern at [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons